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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Why you should perform an SEO analysis of your website

Our SEO analysis ensures that your website meets Google’s recommendations for placement in search results. By following search engine guidelines, you can maximize your reach and increase the likelihood that your organic website traffic will increase permanently.

Compliance with search engine guidelines is an important factor for the success of any website. With our free SEO analysis, you can quickly and easily identify problems with your website that may be costing you valuable revenue! For example, you can hire us to perform an SEO analysis for the following reasons:

• You want to increase the number of qualified leads

• Diversification of the target group

• The expenses for your Adwords campaigns are too high

• You want to get an overview of your competitors and assess their visibility

• You want to know which websites refer to your services

Furthermore, our SEO analysis allows you to identify possible sources of error in the structure of your website and thus improve the bounce rate of visitors. Due to the constant changes in the Google search engine algorithm, it is also enormously important to continuously track the SEO performance of your website. The algorithm changes several hundred times a year and can cause previous keywords to suddenly stop performing and require a strategy adjustment.

What are common SEO error sources for the Google search engine?

Onpage SEO (also known as Onsite SEO) refers to the optimization of elements on a website to improve its visibility and ranking in search results. Unlike Offpage SEO, which focuses on activities outside a website (e.g. link building), Onpage SEO involves optimizing factors that can be controlled directly on the website itself.

This includes things like meta tags, headings, internal linking, image optimization, URL structure, page load speed, mobile-friendliness, and content quality. Successful on-page optimization can help a website be better understood by search engines, leading to higher visibility, a better user experience, and ultimately more organic search traffic.

With our on-page SEO expertise, we can help you increase your visibility on the web and bring your website to the top ranks of search results:


Google praises fast websites and penalizes slow ones. We make sure that your website loads blazing fast. Additionally, we can have your server hosted in Germany.


To reduce data load and increase speed, we compress your images, text and our code. This also leads to increased website speed.


To provide Google with the right information, we optimize the meta tags and descriptions. With this, the basic adjusting screws of your ranking are adjusted.


Detailed search robot, like the one from Google is not as smart as everyone claims. You have to provide them with valuable information. These include, among others, the text structure & the URL structure.

What are common SEO error sources for the Google search engine?

Blocking factors are all elements that can interfere with the indexing of content by search engine algorithms. In a broader sense, it is associated with practices that affect the positioning of a website’s pages in search results.

First of all, this includes the Flash format, which is misinterpreted by the bots of Google and its competitors. However, it is also content that has too large a file size, as loading speed is another important factor for SEO. An unclear hierarchy of content can also negatively affect your website. Duplicate content is another factor that hinders good search engine optimization.

Have you used links from pages that are too far from the topic of your website, or backlinks with identical target URLs? This can lead not only to lower visibility in organic results, but also to a penalty for paid Google traffic.

Free SEO Analysis

You can hire us for instant SEO analysis of your website and thus get an evaluation of your visibility in search engines.

This free analysis consists of an objective inventory and allows you to identify the factors that prevent your website from ranking well.

Afterwards, you can of course entrust us with the SEO optimization of your website, where the recommendations from the SEO analysis will be implemented.

    How long does the SEO analysis take?

    The time it takes to perform an SEO analysis depends mainly on the size of the website. Because the more content there is, the more time our web marketing experts need to analyze it conscientiously.

    SEO analysis primarily involves the technical review of your website or online store. The information provided by Google Search Console is informative, but not sufficient. We need to bring in third-party platforms to determine page weight, redirection errors, and inaccessible resources, among other things.

    Moreover, it is about checking the popularity of your website. On average, you can expect the SEO report to be delivered to you within 24 hours.


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