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In 5 steps to a new website


In 5 steps to a new website

Need a better or new corporate website?

Do you need a new corporate website? A corporate website or a company portal that optimally informs potential customers, inspires them about your company, strengthens your brand and generates attractive leads?

NHK Solutions designs and develops your corporate website with the experience of hundreds of web projects. We create your digital headquarters from strategy, creation and technical implementation to support and content production.

What is a typical process for developing and implementing a website?

Step 1: Analysis and consultation

Based on the objectives of your company and after a careful analysis of the requirements, the content-related and technical details as well as realistic expectations are condensed and specified. The resources and technical platforms are then defined in a concrete plan.

Result: An analysis & recommendation for action based on data and facts, including realistic resource calculation and roadmap.

Step 2: Strategy and UX design

Based on the results and specifications of the analysis and planning phase, user stories are developed, wireframes are created and an optimal page architecture is outlined. Based on this, the design is developed through an iterative process,
where functions, feature design, surface and interface behavior are taken into account.

Result: At the end, a completed and concrete technology, requirements, editorial and design concept is available.

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Step 3: Technical development & content production

After approval of the results from the concept phase, the designs are prepared for further technical development, migration and implementation. Based on the designs and wireframes, both technical and content programming is started, which is tested on internal servers.

Result: An agile development server on which technical elements can be tested, content tuned and functions realized.

Step 4: Roll-out and publication

After the relaunch has been entered into the test environment (internal beta server) and partially confirmed by departmental approvals, the final test and release phase is now being initiated. All developments are placed on the live server and databases and contents are migrated there in the revised form.

Result: a brand new live website that everyone involved can be proud of. But our work does not end here.

Step 5: Evaluation and support

Regular reporting of target KPIs identifies urgent actions and reviews the impact of website content and services. In addition to constantly implementing content and maintaining it in the system, the management team actively proposes measures for continuous optimization and improvement.

Result: Continuous optimization of a website that thus meets current trends and is permanently up to date.

Concluding words on the subject of corporate website

It is clear that a custom designed website is a strategically important communication platform in almost all industries today. Whether you’re targeting enterprise customers or end consumers, your presence in the digital space is more important than ever. It is often one of the first points of contact with your brand, its products or services.

Every business is different – we know that. Every company has different requirements and goals, and in some cases these have not yet been conclusively defined.

To put your project on strong footing from the start, just give us a call or contact us using the contact form below.

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