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Graphic Design

About Our Design Ideology

Proven expertise in the field of graphic design

Our approach to graphic design involves elements such as brochures, flyers, logos, billboards, user interface experiences, labels and more. Conventional thinking and innovative vision are the key to high-quality work. The core of our graphic design work is based on research, the design process and professionalism.

As with everything we do, our main focus is to listen to your ideas and bring them to life. No matter how small or large the project, we won’t stop until you are fully satisfied!

We pride ourselves on creating content that not only stands out in a feed, but is proven to get results. From websites to ads, print to digital, our team creates content across platforms and media to generate reach and strengthen your business. Our graphic design skills also include creative brand identity creation, including logos, packaging and more.

Your brand’s visual identity is often the first thing your customers see about you. And it’s often the only chance to make an impression that gets customers to click, browse and buy. Good graphic design is more than just an interesting logo, it’s the combination of strategy, messaging, market research & understanding. At NHK Solutions, we create graphic design strategies and promotional materials that bring out your corporate mission, vision, values, and the emotions you want to evoke in your customers.

Turning unique concepts into reality

At NHK Solutions, we take a very forward-thinking, user-centered design approach with sales-driven results. Our team creates content that helps build the story behind your brand. We think outside the box and deliver creative design solutions that connect your target audience and your brand.

From custom emailers and logos to infographics and presentations, we handle the entire design process, bringing your stories to the right audience with eye-catching imagery. Our team is equipped with the right tools to design and publish your campaigns on multiple platforms for better traction and customer engagement.

Good graphic design is one of the most important investments your business can make. With so many different visual elements your customers encounter every day, it’s no wonder they tend to ignore designs that don’t speak directly to them. We know that in order for our designs to reach the audience where we want them to be, we first need to know as much as we can about our audience and develop a strategy.

Behind every piece of content we create for your business are masses of data, analysis and expertise, so you can be sure your business is reaching customers in the best possible way.

How can we help you in the field of graphic design? Our experts can provide a variety of branding and marketing services to help your business grow. Some of our most common services are listed below:


Grafik Design


Apple iPhone
NHK Solutions


Grafik Design Broschüre

Infographics & Brochures

Brochure / Flyer
NHK Solutions


Grafik Design Visual Identity

Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity: Luxury


Grafik Design App Interface

User Interface Design

Leisure App
NHK Solutions


Logo Design

Logo Animation
NHK Solutions


Grafik Desig Publikationen

Graphic design for publications

Numerical Illustrations

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