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Creative Advertising

Case Study: Creative Advertising

Mercedes Benz Advertising Strategy

The following Mercedes Benz advertising campaign is designed to convince customers to have their cars serviced at authorized auto repair shops. The first image of the advertisement shows a wrench casting the shadow of a dragon. The image is intended to subliminally convey to the viewer the underlying risk of servicing a Mercedes-Benz in unauthorized workshops.

In addition, the campaign mentions additional benefits in the form of a discount and free diagnosis. The advertising therefore convinces customers mainly through a sustainable presentation of the utensils and an offer of additional benefits.

In this case, the creative presentation of the tools is an important element that enables the long-term effectiveness of an advertisement. The image of the wrench with the shadow of a dragon subliminally communicates to the viewer that mechanics seem to be able to provide proper service. However, they have a hidden aspect that cannot guarantee that they will do the job correctly. Thus, the owner of a Mercedes-Benz car risks encountering further problems when choosing his workshop.


Kreative Werbung

© Mercedes Benz


Kreative Werbung


© Mercedes Benz

Key takeaways for creative advertising

The Mercedes Benz campaign uses 3 essential elements to present their ad in a sustainable way: Contextual objects, subliminal representations and attractive benefits to convince customers to look for authorized repair shops.

Subliminal ads are ads where viewers feel they have discovered a hidden message. They should experience a brief sense of being smart without being taken for fools.

It is immensely important not to overstretch the bow: People don’t want to be manipulated. The great thing about these hidden message commercials is that, if done well, they can pay off and become commercials that a viewer will remember fondly and for the long term.


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