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About our branding approach

People love stories. Good, simple stories.

They are retold and remain in the memory. NHK Solutions is a renowned branding agency and knows how to translate complex corporate strategies into simple but powerful corporate stories that are remembered and retold. They form the basic building block for corporate design, with which we want to make brands tangible exactly where their target audience is located – unmistakably and convincingly.

Our new customers have a lot in common: they are often successful SMEs that have established themselves in their respective markets, but whose day-to-day business leaves them little time to take care of their brand presence. Accordingly, the company’s values and strategy are only communicated in an unclear manner or have changed over time.

We help you to sharpen your values and communicate them to the outside world: with a clear corporate identity. Our approach here is efficient and goal-oriented. In exchange with the decision-makers of the respective company, we work out the values and goals, but also get to know the market environment and the target groups.

Our task as designers is now to translate these individual building blocks into an unmistakable visual language: into branding that coherently reflects the character of your brand and inspires both existing and potential customers.

Questions we ask:

  • Where does your company stand?
  • Will you be releasing a new product soon?
  • Do you want to increase your market share?
  • Are you excited by the potential of the digital world and want to use it for your company’s success?

Branding Check

Brands shape our everyday lives. All of us – including your customers – are exposed to over 5,000 contacts with a wide variety of brands every day. So if you want to successfully hold your own in your market environment, you have to make the most of the power of your brand. This applies to start-ups as well as SMEs that suddenly find themselves confronted with the challenges of digitization.

In the non-binding Brand Check, we take an hour for you:

  • We discuss your business challenges and show interesting practical examples.
  • We sound out the potential of your brand and recommend appropriate measures.
  • We explain our procedure and the expected time and investment frame.

Perhaps this will result in a collaboration that brings you closer to your entrepreneurial goals.​

Free of charge, but not for nothing

Do you think your brand is coming along pretty well on the whole, but feel there’s still room for improvement? Our branding agency provides the diagnosis during a free branding check!

The work we put into analyzing your logo, sifting through your advertising materials and researching your competition is well worth €2,000 and takes a whopping 4 to 6 days! Therefore, this check is a real gold treasure.

So that you can use the results of the check for yourself, you will receive our feedback as a multi-page documentation. But you guessed it: of course we hope that a great order will come out of it.

Packaging Design

No brand can afford to do without targeted packaging design. Anyone who is misunderstood, confused or not noticed has lost their chance on the shelf for the time being. This is exactly where our branding agency comes in.

Packaging design plays a key role in the sales process. Within seconds, it must attract attention at the point of sale and, above all, convincingly convey the corporate story. Whether success or failure is decided on the sales shelf. With this awareness, NHK Solutions creates desirable packaging that not only inspires at first glance, but also sustainably increases sales. ​ ​



Environment Analysis


of the brand


Targeted Packaging

Successful packaging design takes on the role of a talented salesperson and manages to credibly inspire the customer for the product. When we develop a new design, we systematically start with a thorough analysis of the target group and the market environment.

We then take an in-depth look at the customer and the benefits of the product. Based on this, we formulate the corporate story. This results in target-oriented packaging that shows your brand from its best side and does justice to current social developments such as nutrition trends.

Our ultimate goal is always: We want to trigger spontaneous enthusiasm. An ambitious claim, but one that is elementary to the success of the product at the point of sale. We accompany our customers at all stages: from the conception to the implementation of the packaging design across the entire product range and the accompanying positioning measures.


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